‘BAD’ Tour 1988 Michael Jackson White Jacket

The king of pop and the king of hearts who will never die in the hearts of his patrons. People still remember him in the good words, and his songs are never going to get old. Micheal Jackson will never come out of our hearts. We’ll always miss a heartbeat if we come across anything that reminds us of him. The iconic clothing that he had been wearing during his life in his concerts and song albums always became his signature outfits. Having said that, Michael Jackson ‘BAD’ Tour White Jacket is also there on the stage besides the thriller jacket.

The Bad tour memory will definitely come into all the aficionados’ minds if they’ve witnessed that time. They won’t forget, especially when they come across something that actually belongs to that time. However, the tour he conducted was in the late 1980s. Yet, the jacket he wore in one of his 123 concerts. ‘BAD’ Tour 1988 Michael Jackson White Jacket is here on our virtual shelves with everything it should have. It’s true that it can never be the one that MJ wore. But we tried our best to bring something that imitates his iconic jacket perfectly. We loved making this honorable fit for all the fanatics of Michael Jackson. Furthermore, the jacket is made of satin fabric with an inner viscose lining, and it hugs your body perfectly, just like it did to MJ.

The Michael Jackson BAD’ Tour 1988 Jacket has a stand-up collar with the zipper fastening to show off your figure. If you’re looking forward to creating the cosplay look of Micheal Jackson, do it with this jacket this time. However, you’ll have to arrange the belts and badges for the additional detailing. On the other hand, you can always use this BAD’ Tour Michael Jackson Jacket for other purposes. This jacket comes in white with a metallic, smooth, and shiny texture. It’s going to give you the best illuminating facets.

Buy Michael Jackson Jackets at very reasonable prices to get the iconic looks this year, and thank us later.


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